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About Me

Lucas Fernandes Peixoto, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and quickly assimilated to the South Florida lifestyle. Upon arriving to the United States on January 25, 1995 (his second birthday), Lu Hound and his mom met up with his dad in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he was already working and making a home for the family. Being fortunate enough to be a part of two different cultures, has given Lu Hound a completely original style all his own. Growing up with Brazilian parents, Samba music was constantly played in his home, however, it was the influences of Hip-hop music radio stations that drew his interests to hip hop and rap music. “Lu Hound” the persona has become Lucas’ alter ego, one that he plans on doing big things with. Lu Hound's passion for all types of music has brought value to every aspect of his personal and professional life and is what he sees his successful career and future for many years to come.

The name, “Lu Hound,” was given to Lu by Red; a person he met down in Miami while helping out on a music video set. Conversation turned to storytelling and Lu Hound was inspired by Red's past. Red gave Lu Hound a different perspective towards his current situation. Every opportunity seemed out of reach to Lu, but Red taught Lu about how things take time to manifest itself. Lu Hound loved the name and started introducing himself as his new identity. Soon everyone began calling him Lu Hound, so now Lucas and Lu Hound are one in the same.

The new name was an outlet for Lu to express himself. Lu Hound believes a dog's personality is a lot like a human's. All a dog has is unconditional love for people unless it is taught otherwise, and this love is called God, or dog spelled backwards. Ask yourself: how many times has your dog held a grudge on you? Lu Hound thinks, "There is too much negativity going on in the world for a total stranger to have hate towards me. People can learn a lot from dogs; starting from their unconditional love."

Growing up, Lu Hound had many different musical influences from Samba, to Rock, to Jazz, to Hip-Hop. These influences are what separate Lu Hound from the rest because he never puts himself in a box that which is easily labeled. The first two CDs: 50 Cent's, Get Rich or Die Trying & Linkin Park's, Hybrid Theory. They had a huge musical influence on what would become Lu’s unique sound and style. He loved both albums so much that he listened to them repeatedly until he started to naturally develop his rapping and performing technique. Once he became comfortable with his own unique flavor he then began to experiment with other forms of inspiring music such as freestyle rap, to hip hop, and even rock music. All these genres had a hand in pushing him to write his own music just like Nas, one of his many rap idols. To Lu, Nas has the talent to bring his songs to life and make the lyrics flow like no one else.

After years of listening, writing, and recording, Lu Hound now has officially released his first CD called “Get Right.” Soon after uploading his music video onto YouTube, he had a label from the United Kingdom called 'Pop-Up Music' contact him about partnering up for a publishing deal. In 2014 Lu Hound planned a short family visit to Brazil, and he took the opportunity to promote himself. While doing so he met two artists (Diego & Carlin) who call their rap group Flowzen and they granted him the opportunity to open up for Ja Rule. Initially the short stay evolved from a one month trip into six months of opening and performing at various venues in Brazil. Lu hound is confident that his music will keep evolving because of his constant effort to improve his creative rap and writing style so that he can progress in this competitive business.

With a new website online (, second mixtape in the works, & several videos on the way; Lu Hound has his work cut out for him. He records, manages, and invests his time and finances in hopes to one day be respected in the Hip-hop community. At the moment he is in the studio working on his second body of work, while promoting his most recent body of work called, 'Get Right.'

Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival

Lu hound made it to the top 8 out of 800 artists in South Florida to compete for a slot in the Okeechobee Music Festival. He did not get to participate in the big show, but this achievement has proved to him that with hard work he can accomplish anything.