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Lu Hound- Just Do It / Don't Stop It (Official Video).
This Lyfe (Official Music Video) - Lu Hound.
Syde Of Lyfe.
Work it Out.

user comments

  • “Had to give this a like. Lu Hound stands out a lot. When I hear his music I see a new direction for hip hop. This song makes you want to get in your car, put the windows down and just enjoy life. Whoever disliked the song obviously doesn't appreciate the craft. Looking forward to having you in my next album Lu Hound!”

  • “The music is on point. It's remarkable to see how much you have grown as an individual and as an emcee/musician... I have NO DOUBT that once people start hearing your music and realize what Real Hip Hop sounds like your name is going to be "Known". -Woods”
    Ryan Woodmansee
  • “The sound of the kick and snare here are really sweet, I quite like the way they punch through the mix so well. The rappers vocal has a great flow which works well with the rhythm of the drums well”

    The Dangerhounds